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$500, including travel expenses up to 100 miles from Duluth, MN

Wedding Package

Complete development of your bespoke wedding ceremony, including three consultations prior to your wedding for us to get to know one another, understand your wishes and dreams, and develop a ceremony that is deeply personal.  Additionally, I will coordinate your rehearsal prior to your wedding day.  Your ceremony will reflect you, your values, and the community of people surrounding you!  


 $1,200, including travel expenses up to 100 miles from Duluth, MN

Wedding Package PLUS Relationship-Building Premarital Retreat

 All of the above, plus a pre-ceremony retreat that will fulfill “premarital education requirements” as defined by your home state.  Some states either require or strongly encourage working with a minister or licensed marriage counselor prior to your marriage to deepen your relationship and strengthen the foundation upon which your marriage will be built.  I will work with you to plan a fun and relaxing retreat environment in which you can work together to deepen your understanding of yourselves as individuals and as partners in life.  Your motivation to do this might be to obtain a reduced price for your marriage license, but it will be a fun and memorable time that will bring you closer as partners! 


No charge with charitable donations to organizations of our choices.

Celebrations of Life

Funeral ceremonies can be rote, generic, and defined by tradition—or they can feel deeply personal and meaningful, a gift to the mourned and mourning alike.  The passing of a loved one is an opportunity to celebrate gifts shared in the time we have had together.   Both the mourned and those in mourning deserve a ceremony that reflects their values, their traditions, and their individual circumstances.  I will work with you to remember and celebrate your loved one in a deeply personal way. 

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